Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We dropped a LOAD of money!

Matthew and Kelsee riding a ride together- Kelsee had the control! YIKES!

OK so I MADE Matthew take this picture with me! He is NOT a picture people but I was taking ALL the pics and I do enjoy a picture every now and then! =)

Matthew was skipping with Haylee and Kelsee. It was so cute..... SHH he has NO IDEA I even took this picture, let alone am Posting it for all to see!

Delaney in the shark

Kelsee in the shark

Haylee in the shark

Sydney in the shark

Delaney was a DREAM baby. She kept busy while her and I were waiting for the crew to ride a ride, by playing with the sunscreen.

And Matthew talked to her and kept her company while I waited with the girls for a ride.

My girls waiting for a ride... there was ALOT of waiting in lines. We only rode 3 rides while we were there. =)
Although we had to drop a LOAD of money it was a fun trip! A great way to start the summer. It was a fun surprise for the girls and a good way to spend time as a family.


  1. It looks like you all had fun. Way to go mom and dad. Everyone just needs a little fun once in a while. I am so glad to hear you had fun as a family!

  2. OMHeck! That looks like so much fun. Maybe we will have to go there next trip to Cali. How much of a load are we talking here? Because I drop a load or 2 every day. Now that you have sufficiently thrown up, I was just kidding. (not really)