Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My sweet baby

My big 7 month old!
What a precious face.... even dirty =)

Check out that grin! I went in to check on her while she was "napping" and found this.

She was hanging out in Haylee's room like a big girl.

She has fallen asleep on the floor a few times lately. Getting tuckered out by watching her favorite TV channel... Sprout.

I had no idea she was even sleeping. I was in doing the dishes and came out into the livingroom and found this precious sight. I just wanted to squeeze her!

Where has the time gone? Tomorrow, June 3rd, my baby will be 7 months old!

I cant believe it myself. She is growing more and more each day. It is so fun to watch her now interact with her sisters. To do the lowcrawl to reach something that she wants. To cuddle with her daddy and grab your face to kiss you, ok so it is more of a wanna suck your face off thing but it is cute none the less. =) She is now saying Daddddda. Yes he gets the first word although I, ME am the one home with her 24/7! WHHHHY????? Where's the love?

Delaney is eating, and LOVING by the way, baby food. She loves her bumbo seat and has figured out how to contort herself to just about climbing out of it. She loves to play in her Jumperoo and watch the fishy swim in our 55 gallon fish tank. Her latest thing is falling asleep watching Sprout and Noggin.
But most of all- she loves her mommy. =) I went to the store the other day while she was sleeping. She was home with Matthew. When I got home and walked in the door she started to cry. She stopped when I closed the door and walked over by her. Then I got up to go get something out of the car I had forgotten and she started to SCREAM! She was so mad. It made me smile to know that my little baby loves the momma.

I have truly been blessed as a mom with some wonderful girls. I couldn't make it thru somedays without the help of Haylee and Sydney... and even Kelsee. They are such big helpers at holding, changing and even feeding now. I am a lucky mommy!

I am looking foward to the special relationships between all my girls. They are great friends and love each other.

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  1. It was SO fun to talk to you on the webcam yesterday and see this little girl in action. Growing way too fast!