Friday, October 8, 2010

Do you REALLY have NOTHING better to do?

Talk about getting the CRAPOLA scared out of you…..

Last nite I was sitting in the recliner, close to falling asleep (which is sad since it was only 9:45pm) watching tv.  I closed my eyes and the next thing I know the DOORBELL Rings?  Are you kidding me people?  Who in the world would do that?  Now I do have people come by at strange times, occasionally.  I sell stuff on BUT I ask them to ALWAYS text me before they come by.  So my heart jumps out of my chest and I ran to the door.  HOPING to have whoever it was NOT ring it again and wake up my girls, who were all asleep!  I opened it up and there were 2 guys standing there.  1 was an MP in cammies and the other was a civilian cop, mp, whatever those jokers are called!  The civilian says to me…. "Ah M’am, We were driving by and noticed that your vehicle was unsecured. I mean it is not locked and we were not sure whether you were waiting to go somewhere or whether you were not aware of this. We just wanted to let you know. ya know it is a HUGE pain to have to report a theft to your insurance. But then we also have to write a report so it is a pain all around"

…. Now I have been REALLY good at making sure my vehicles are locked every nite before I go to bed.  There has been a number of problems around our neighborhood with theft, and even break in’s.  I mean seriously, what valuable crap would I leave in my car?  Hey if you need diapers, snacks or coupons then by all means. But I have NOTHING of value in there!

After I was able to take a few deep breathes and tell them both "THANKS for scaring the CRAP out of me."  I asked them to repeat what the 1 had said.  Then I looked at them and said REALLY? No one has EVER stopped to notify me before of an “unsecured” vehicle. I thanked them and then locked the door.  Thinking maybe that was all. 

"OH and by the way the marine MP said to me, we ran your plates, to make sure we were coming to the right residence and your tags came back expired.  DUH!  I knew that!  The sticker on it expired June 2010. But that is a LONG story and I have TRIED to take care of it, but it is gonna cost me almost $600 to take care of the registration.  SOOOO That was the REAL reason for them stopping. Not to tell me that my vehicle was unsecure. But to write me a ticket for my expired tags.  Then the civilian tells me, Well we will be nice and NOT write you a ticket tonite.  BUT It needs to be taken care of."

Oh that is my plan, I told them.  BUT THANK YOU CA DMV for being CLOSED today so I can’t.  The MP then said "what is your primary mode of transportation?  If we see you driving the expedition with expired tags we WILL pull you over and ticket you.  This is just your warning."  

 Then the MP looks over at my husband’s Harley sitting parked on the porch.  The tags on that APRIL 2010.  NOW don’t get any ideas.  I have already reregistered that thing ON TIME and MONTHS ago. BUT I am not messing with the stickers and the registration stuff.  So instead it is sitting on the fridge waiting for my Marine to come back home and take care of it HIMSELF!  Then they both laughed and said "OH ok. Just checking.  We figured you wouldn’t be driving around on that.  It looks like it’s been sitting for a LONG time."   YUP!  7 months to be exact!

So they told me to make sure my vehicles are locked everynite and to get my registration squared away.  Thanks! For that I told them. And they left.
SO if you ever wonder what MP’s and those rent a cops do at nite, when they are bored?  I will tell you…. They scare the Crap out of wives who are home alone, while there Marines are deployed and they have to take care of EVERYTHING on their own! And it gets overwhelming and sometimes too much to deal with.
 All I have to say is LEAVE ME THE JUNK ALONE! If I could pay the thing, I would’ve a LONG time ago!


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  2. Seems unreal. Did you call to find out if these 2 were legit? Who goes around checking if cars are secure? Thieves.

  3. they were both in uniforms. 1 was a marine and the other was a civilian base police. I did stop other MPs a few days later and asked them if that was new policy.
    Honestly the only reason they stopped was because of my tags being expired. Otherwise they would not have stopped. My unlocked doors were just the excuse