Friday, October 15, 2010

Picture Day

It is AMAZING to me how much it costs to get school pictures done... Times 3 for me... WOW! I am gonna go broke 

So I took these the morning before Sydney and Kelsee left for school.


  1. Next time call the photographer and ask about a "family discount." Order sheets sometimes make mention of it in such fine print without the details that those who qualify probably don't call the photographer and take advantage.
    By inquiring in 2005, I paid for one and got the 3 others (same package) for $5 each.
    This year I was told pay for 2 (same package) and 3rd child is free. "And what about the 4th child?" I asked, hoping they'd offer something, anything. Nope, nothing.

  2. wow! i can imagine that would cost a pretty penny! your girls look cute, all the same, in the pics you took though!

  3. What beautiful girls!! Picture day totally stresses me out so I just order the cheapest package enough for all the grandparents. I figure I have more than enough beautiful pics of them

  4. Thanks Girls! I think the only reason I get school pictures taken is because it is too far to go get professional ones done. Plus my girls have grow to fast. I will have to look into that "next time" Monica :) thanks