Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What have I been up to????

 It feels like life is FLYING by, literally.  I swear it was just the beginning of school and now here we are in the 7th week of school already.  It’s already Oct. 5th!  Before we know it, it will be CHRISTMAS!  YIKES.

This past week was all a blur to me, really it was.  I FINALLY got off my tail end and started to CLEAN.  And when I say CLEAN, I MEAN really CLEAN my house.  Not that my house was gross and dirty, but just full of clutter and the HUGE yard sale pile in the middle of my dining room/ office space needed to GO!  It helped that my parents and brother were coming to visit this past weekend.  I definitely didn't want them checking out my mess. PLUS I had found out that the ADVON party from my Marine's unit, was coming home (which they got back last nite... yes he SHOULD'VE been on ADVON but that is a whole nother story in itself) which only means my Marine SHOULD be coming home by the end of the month!  

Anyways, So I started cleaning and going through stuff in the garage on Thursday.  And I cleaned ALL DAY Thursday, then ALL DAY Friday, and ALL MORNING on Saturday, before my parents got here. BTW- that was fun cleaning while the power was out on saturday.  We had a huge storm and the power went on and off probably 8-10 times saturday morning. 

BUT I feel SO accomplished now!  I cleaned my little heart out.  I FILLED my expedition with trash to take to the trash dumpster, seeing as I had already FILLED our 1 trash can to overflowing and it was only Thursday (trash day is Wed).  PLUS I took 2 bags to the Thrift store. As well as sorted through and put more “stuff” in the yard sale pile.  Maybe it is all the HOARDING BURIED ALIVE & HOARDING shows I’ve been watching lately that gave me the kick start.  Believe me, my house was NO WHERE near as bad as those.  But I didn’t want it to get even close to those. And now it is FAR from it!  I even got my girls in on the act.  They helped by cleaning their rooms and clearing out unwanted stuff.

I REALLY wish I would’ve taken before and after pictures.  Then you could’ve seen EVERYTHING for yourself! But I will say this.  My friend came over the other day to bring me dinner and she says, I can see your counter!  I don’t think I ever have before. (Yes my counter was being used as my food storage space. But now it is CLEANED OFF and I couldn’t be happier. 

I even sat and relaxed Sunday afternoon after my parents and brother left... and ALL DAY Monday too!  AND to top it off I wasn’t stressed and overwhelmed with the mess around me. AHHHHH!  It is SO nice.  Now it’s to keep it this way.  With 4 little girls, that might be a HUGE undertaking! 

So THAT is what I have been up to lately.
By the Way WELCOME to my new Followers!  I am so glad you are here :)

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