Monday, October 11, 2010

Coupons Coupons EVERYWHERE!

It was double coupon day today... weird to have it on a Federal Holiday.. which was stinky because not all the 7day stores were open, which limited my choice of stores :( Oh well.  I have been working on sorting and cutting my coupons ALL weekend long!  My girls are wondering when the get to eat at the Kitchen table (which we did tonite for dinner By the Way :)  I had COUPONS EVERYWHERE!  I was on Coupon OVERLOAD.  I was up until 1am this morning sorting and getting ready for today.  Not remembering that today was a holiday, this because my girls had to go to school.  Well I then had to get up at 6am to get my girls ready and off to school.  Then Delaney and I were off to shop!  Needless to say the PX was not opened until 10am. But I stopped at the 7day store and got lots of good stuff there.  I just wish they would STOP changing the rules to all of this.  Every cashier and ever store is different.  Its a LITTLE ridiculous.  And now there is the rumor again that they are thinking of doing away with Double Coupon day..... NO ANYTHING BUT THAT!  Come on people.  It is WAY TO HELPFUL for all us POOR military families to get rid of it!

Anyways, on to my totals... (pictures will follow tomorrow)

My totals from today : 1st trip- $169.95 paid $29.05 

2nd trip- $229.48 paid $29.59 

3rd trip- $117.84 paid $19.21 

4th trip- $87.01 paid $27.85 (this was mostly toys! there was some great coupons available online and in the paper in the last few weeks)

5th trip- $95.53 paid $5.72 (but I paid with a giftcard so no oop) 

6th trip (was Haylee's) $11.96 paid $0.38 

and my last trip- $50.40 paid $2.75 (used gift card again NO oop...

For Grand Total of $762.17 and paid $106.08 just 14% of my total

$8.47 were paid with the giftcard that I got Last month from the BIG boo boo that the store overcharged me for.  

So there it is... my totals.  NOT as good as it has been the last few months, but they are still amazing! 

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