Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's almost THAT time :)

I am SOOOO nervous... It is almost "THAT" time.  7 1/2 months has flown by and it's just about time for my Marine to come HOME!  I cannot wait.  I have been a cleaning fool. Not because he wants it spic n span when he comes home.  Only because I don't want to stress out and clean when he does get home.  I want to be able to enjoy him.  To sit on the couch with him and just watch tv (while the kids are at school) or just spend time together as a family.  So the house is how I want it... except for our bedroom.  That is my last project for tonite.  I went to the commissary yesterday and stocked the fridge with all his favorites.  (Honestly I can't wait to "cook" again. Cuz we all know when the guys are gone it's cereal and sandwiches!)

I just hope I can sleep tonite.  I haven't been able to for the past week.  I am nervous. Not only to see my Marine after so long. But Not sure what the future holds for us as far as leaving this CRAPHOLE!  Our orders were modified, due too this deployment return. We SHOULD'VE been gone 1st week of November.  But alas we will be here for a little while longer. Dang it!  But we will be all together as a FAMILY and that I CAN'T WAIT FOR!!!!
Can you tell I am excited.  Well I am!  Just counting the hours to I get to see his face.  I have missed him like crazy.  I am ready to have him by my side again.

But this is all on the "down low". We are going to TRY to surprise the girls.  They know he is coming home soon.  Just have NO IDEA when.  I know I am so sneaky!  Let's just hope the buses pull in when they are scheduled and we can pull this off. :)  Wish me luck.


  1. So excited for you and the girls. I hope you enjoy every minute with your man!

  2. How freaking exciting!! Reading about others homecomings gets me so excited for my own (ha ha in over 200 days) but seriously, SO happy for you and your girls!