Thursday, April 23, 2009

What can a little bit of change get you?

No joke. Anyone who knows me know I LOVE TO COUPON SHOP. Well I found a little gem after moving here to the nasty desert. They have DOUBLE coupon day once a month on a monday.
You betcha I AM THERE on that monday coupons in hand ready to SAVE!
This month I saved a TON. I hit the big PX (the store on base like Target) The 7 day store (like 711) and then back again for more deals.
I got this at my trip to the 7 day store. Anyone wanna take a guess at home much I paid for these items pictured? I will tell you I SAVED over $27. Any Guesses???? Anyone?????
Ok You give up- I SPENT 35 cents I am NOT joking. I have the receipt to prove it. I was so proud of myself!
I have since given the candy to my girls, used a whole bottle of Tylenol, and the Oust to help take away the yuck from my house! Oh yeah- the bandaids don't last very long in our house either. And you ALWAYS need razors.
So I am already plotting next months trip in SAVING!

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  1. OK so whats the deal? Where are you getting all the great coupons from? Inquiring minds want to know :)