Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So I went bowling today!

So I have found out that 1 perk with living here in the crap desert (really cuz that is what it is) is there is FREE bowling Mon, Wed and Fri from 11am-1pm. All you have to pay for is shoes rental which is $1.50. You can bowl as many games as you want in that time frame.
Well after feel cooped up in my casa, I talked my neighbor, Kris, don't worry she is a girl. Into going with me today. We had a total blast. So I have a confession- I kicked her trash! I bowled WAYYYYY better than her, but we had fun. We were I think the only civilians in the place. There was a bowling alley FULL of Marines in cammies and then US. It was fun to watch these "Boys" huck the balls down the lanes, with no real technique and get strikes! What the crap? I only got 1 strike the first game. The guys next to us probably even put dents in the floor from dropping the ball so many times, but the result? STRIKE. I don't get it.

So my scores for the day....... drumroll please........

140 125 and the best 165! Yay Me!

Oh you bet I am planning on going again on Friday- anyone wanna come along? I would LOVE the company.

I wish I had some excellent pictures to post- but I am not that cool. Maybe next time.
Just wanted to share my exciting life...... well what it can be out here in this craphole, they call 29 palms. No really- can you tell it is NOT my favorite place?????

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  1. Ummm, totally unfair! Wish I were there, but of course you would kick my trash too. You need to let your friend win just once so that she will feel good and then she will keep on coming. So fun! need pics next time of the boys playing.