Saturday, April 4, 2009

Where has the time gone??

Where has the time gone???

My BABY is 5 months old already. She is growing in leaps and bounds (not in SIZE though- she is still wearing 0-3 month onesies and only in size 2 diapers and in 3-6 months clothes, that are still big on her at times) anyways, I digress AGAIN. I am sure you are used to that though....

Delaney is such a happy baby. She has truly brought joy to my life and the life of all those who see her. My neighbor says that she has to get her baby fix when she see's Delaney. Her hubby wont let her have another one.

Delaney's accomplishments up til now are...... she can roll over, both front to back and back to front. She giggles. She smiles. She has Awesome blowouts and LOVES to nurse!

she loves to sleep in her crib, on her daddy's chest, on the livingroom floor, in her carseat... you name it! She has the cutest little red headed mowhawks, thanks to big sis Kelsee.

What else can I say about her???? I LOVE HER! Just had to share.

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