Saturday, April 4, 2009

Haylee PASSED!

Haylee Passed!!!! I knew she would.

Haylee had a 1 mile run at school, as do ALL 5th graders in California. She has asthma and is on an inhaler. She has struggled with running for a long time. She has practiced daily, running the mile. She was so discouraged that she wouldn't pass. She has a hard time breathing thru it. She had been running it at about a 13 minute mile. Well- after having MANY issues with the PE teacher being rude and not allowing extra time to run, for those who have asthma.... I told Haylee I would be there to watch her run.

So the time came and I was there on the sidelines, cheering her on. The ONLY parent I might add. She took of like lightning and then started to slow, I yelled COME ON HAYLEE YOU CAN DO IT! a little smile came across her face and she picked up the pace. She tried her hardest and kept going. Everytime she would come to a walking pace, I would say again, COME ON HAYLEE YOU CAN DO IT! Yet again, the smiles and then she picked up the pace.

When she crossed that finish line, IN FRONT of MANY of the other kids in her class I might add, she PASSED! with a 10 minute 50 second Mile. She needed to have UNDER 12 minutes.

The JOY on her face and how proud she was of herself- it was so worth being there. She crossed the finish line and came and hugged me. Then I handed her my phone and she called her daddy, who congratulated her and said- SEE I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU.

She then got congrats from the PE teacher as well as her regular teacher.

**1 sidenote, she then ran the mile again with her friend Victoria, who wasnt there the day they ran. **

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  1. That was sweet of Haylee to walk with Victoria. I wish I could have been there when they did it together. I guess their teacher was clapping them on together. I would have LOVED to have seen that too! Hehe