Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ever have One of THOSE days???

Here is a pretty good picture of her 2 Teefers!

Love that hair!

Check out the look??? She has the greatest expressions......

So I have to say that lately time has been FLYING by! Each day I swear I am gonna accomplish LOTS...... Then before I know it, it is time to put the girls to bed and I think to myself- what did I accomplish today?

Well Monday 8/3 was Delaney's 9 month old birthday! I can hardly believe it. She is such a big girl. She is growing in leaps and bounds. Crawling all over and getting into mischief. I am having to "baby proof" my house and never had to do that with the other girls really- or maybe it's been so long I dont remember. =) Ya thats it!

I at least bathe my kids, make sure they eat and have clean clothes. Ok so laundry usually NEVER gets ALL THE WAY done! But when you have a child who LOVES to change 3 or 4 times a day.... you cant really ever catch up!

Being a mommy is so rewarding. Honestly. I wouldnt change it for the world! I have truly been blessed with 4 beautiful girls who mean the world to me. When I am having a bad day... one or more of them come and love on me! It is the best feeling in the world.
So I just had to share these pictures of the cutest hairstyle... because most days this is how I feel- like I'm going CRAZY!!!

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