Monday, August 17, 2009

Playing with friends.....

Kelsee and Kayla

doing "arts and crafts"

They made robots bodies and masks to go with it. Love it when kids use their IMAGINATIONS!

Laughing and giggling

The finished product!

Kelsee's finished product. She was SO proud of herself.

We are SOOO excited that our friends (the Klafke's) from South Carolina have moved to 29 Palms. Yup! They WANTED to move here. They are BIG dirt bike riding, 4 wheeling kinda people. But we are SOOOOO glad they are here. We really missed them.

We spent a day catching up and going bowling with all the kids. It was so fun for 2 mommies and 7 GIRLS! We have 4 and they have 3. Their oldest being Kelsee's bestest friend. After 2 hours of bowling and lunch we went back to our house to play. How fun it was to hear little girls laughing and playing. Kelsee and Kayla pulled out my paper bags and made robot bodies and masks. And of course when it was time for the girls to go NO ONE wanted to leave or stop playing.
I am so glad that my girls have good friends.


  1. That is just good times. I love the creativity too. Hate it when my kids are bored. There is NEVER a reason to be bored. Seriously, never!

  2. Jen love the craft time!!! looks like everyone had fun!
    Have a GREAT time with mom, dad, and david!