Tuesday, August 25, 2009


This is the tongue thing that Delaney loves to do. She looks like a lizard sometimes. It just makes me smile. I wanted to share. (BTW- She has Graham cracker all over her face.)


  1. LOVE it! It's the best! K- but who is that weirdy girl in the background trying to take the photo op? (hopefully I'm not making fun of one of your friends' kids.)

  2. Nope it was soome Weirdy that was there. She was a little "special" not that kinda "special"- just driving us NUTS special. we just tried to ignore her.

  3. Good plan. She reminds me of a girl that is in Kylie's school. Not a fan of hers. She is special, too. Very annoying. She doesn't have many friends because she is awful to people and my poor Kylie doesn't want to hurt her feelings so she puts up with it. I asked her the other day, "Why is it okay for your feelings to be hurt and for her to be mean to you but you can't be mean to her?" JERK!