Sunday, August 2, 2009

Kelsee teaches us all.....

So I am SOOO Behind on posting things. Ya know life just gets away from you sometimes...... ok for me these days it seems like I can NEVER get ahead or even catch up!

This past week has been full of sleepless nites and sick kids. First Delaney was sick when we came home from gramma and papas. Running a nasty temp and she even threw up. Who knew a 8 month old could barf so much??? It was yucky. Just as she is on the mend- Haylee went down. Temp of 103 degrees and throwing up. And me, I have to take it all cuz we have a daddy who barfs at the sight or even sound sometimes of barf! Not a good thing. So we made it through Haylee and now onto Sydney. Poor girl. She hasnt hit the barf and hopefully won't. This momma is getting pretty sick and tired of barf! Let's also hope Kelsee, Matthew or I don't get the nasty! Well it is on to the LYSOL all over the house. Time to SANITIZE EVERYTHING! I certainly dont want this garb going around again.

Well as I was nursing the baby to sleep tonite Kelsee came to me and said we needed to do Family Home Evening. Leave it to an ALMOST 6 yr old to keep mom and dad on track! We have a FAMILY HOME EVENING board, that my WONDERFUL sister, Julie, made. It is hung on our wall but I must say we have YET to use it since living here. OK SO ITS BEEN A YEAR!

Anyways back to the story. Kelsee had made a little lesson about "what if's" and told about how the people sent Jesus away to go on the cross because they thought he lied and wasnt a very good teacher. Then she asked us questions like "what if we didnt have beds? What would you do? What if we didnt have light or sun and it rained all day? What if we didnt have a mom or dad? What if we didnt have anyone to love us? Then she went on to ask...... How would we feel if we had to just sit ALL DAY and have NO toys? Matthew liked this questions. He has gotten REALLY good at just sitting. True- its usually sitting in his recliner watching TV. So he told Kelsee he would be happy to just sit in his chair. She told him that it wouldnt be a comfy chair. It would be a hard metal one. So cute

She also gave me the assignment to read the scriptures. I'll tell you- She had it all planned out. It was the best Family Home Evening we've ever had! It made Matthew and I smile as parents. She is the cutest thing on wheels. It is an eye opener to Just how smart Kids are today. Out Heavenly Father TRULY has saved the BEST kids for the Latter Days! I am just lucky that I got 4 of them!


  1. Now that is just funny. The part about Kelsee. Not the barfing. That part most definitely isn't funny. I am feeling for you. So hard when you are the only one who is doing on the taking care. Keep up the good work mommy!

  2. WOW when will the chain be broken??? No more sharing in your house! Especially when it sharing the flu... who wants it anyway!
    I hope everyone is feeling better!
    What a fun girl kelsee is. Kids sure do keep us on track don't they. Sometimes as mom's and dad's we need those little voices that say "hey don't forget this or that..." especially when we can't hear the voices in our head yelling because the noise level in the house makes it impossible to hear!