Monday, August 10, 2009

My Steals!

Ok So I am TOTALLY excited! Today was DOUBLE COUPON DAY!!! at the PX on the base. It is a day that I really do look foward to all month. YES, I am a total dweeb and have nothing better to do with my time that coupons!

So I had to share my totals. I went to the store 6- yes count them 6 times. The PX only allows you to use 2 of the same coupon at a time. So I was a horrible mom and drug all 4 girls with me to MANY trips to the store to get my bargains. OH! Dont worry they got spoiled with a trip to Subway for lunch (they got to choose) and each got a candy bar DONT WORRY I GOT THOSE FREE with my coupons.

Here we go......
1st- total was $19.34 and I paid $0.00 yes that is All FREE stuff!
2nd- total was $50.38 and I paid $6.15
3rd- total was $132.93 and I paid $8.47
4th- total was $190.33 and I paid $35.70
5th total was $34.68 and I paid $3.32
6th total was $42.54 and I paid $15.18

I havent had a chance to take pictures yet of all my "stuff". But I am sure that it will FILL my kitchen table. So my grand totals were
BEFORE COUPONS: $470.20 and I PAID a WHOPPING $68.82

This total includes 6 boxes of Haircolor, Shampoo, Conditioner, Cleaner, toothpaste, floss, razors, razor refill cartridges, 3 Dove body washes, 3 jumbo packages of diapers, LOTS of visine, LOTS of asprin, scotch tape, 6 mailing/ packaging tapes and probably a few other things I have forgotten

I just had to share... thanks for letting me =)


  1. Holy Crud girl! What in world? I am excited for the picture. Add it when you can!

  2. where is the Pics???? Those are my favorite!
    I am a visual person. I do like to SEE the numbers though... That is awesome!
    Way to go... Love you! Have a GREAT day!