Monday, August 31, 2009


Happy 6th Birthday KELSEE!

In all her glory. Her birthday tshirt made special just for her.

It is a tradition to decorate the livingroom with banners and such.... as well as the bedroom door.

She LOVED her decorations.... she doesnt want to even take them down.

She is one of my princesses!

It was Kelsee's 6th Birthday on August 28th. Hard to believe that my "baby" is now 6. Wow has time flown by. She started 1st grade and is growing up too fast. =(
Well this was Year #2 with her daddy being gone and missing school starting and HER BIRTHDAY! To make it up to her we had a PARTY!
We Celebrated her actual birthday with a "nice" dinner out to Taco Bell. Yeah thats right- I am a great mom! Its what SHE wanted. We had cupcakes for dessert. No reason to have 2 cakes.. since her party was the next day (sat) and we were having cake then. She said it was her bestest birthday ever! I am so glad she felt loved.
**I will be adding pics of the PARTY shortly! The kids had a BLAST!**

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This is the tongue thing that Delaney loves to do. She looks like a lizard sometimes. It just makes me smile. I wanted to share. (BTW- She has Graham cracker all over her face.)

1st Day of School 8-24-09

Our School Year begins!

Condor Elementary!

Heading to the school

My girls.... ready to go to school! Can't forget Delaney

Check out Kelsee's face! WOW- ATTITUDE!

Haylee starting 6th grade with Mr. McCallum

Sydney is all her PINK!

Starting 4th grade with Mrs. Mauk

Kelsee ready for 1st grade with Miss Evans

Check out the pose!

This is the first year that my girls started school without a father's (or papa's) blessing. I was so sad that we missed out on that. It is a tradition and HELPS them to be comforted and have a great start to their new school year.
None the less- The girls had a GREAT first day of school. Delaney was lost without her sisters here to HOLD her ALL DAY LONG! and yes mommy made it thru too- with only a few tears. I really miss my girls when they are gone. Even though they fight and drive me NUTS I like having them home.
So I am saying goodbye to my freedom of being able to just go and do. On to another year of school. I wish my girls the best year!
I spent my day VEGGING out and playing with Delaney! It was so nice to watch what I WANTED.... that doesnt happen much. So now onto spending my days cleaning and playing with a baby.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Playing with friends.....

Kelsee and Kayla

doing "arts and crafts"

They made robots bodies and masks to go with it. Love it when kids use their IMAGINATIONS!

Laughing and giggling

The finished product!

Kelsee's finished product. She was SO proud of herself.

We are SOOO excited that our friends (the Klafke's) from South Carolina have moved to 29 Palms. Yup! They WANTED to move here. They are BIG dirt bike riding, 4 wheeling kinda people. But we are SOOOOO glad they are here. We really missed them.

We spent a day catching up and going bowling with all the kids. It was so fun for 2 mommies and 7 GIRLS! We have 4 and they have 3. Their oldest being Kelsee's bestest friend. After 2 hours of bowling and lunch we went back to our house to play. How fun it was to hear little girls laughing and playing. Kelsee and Kayla pulled out my paper bags and made robot bodies and masks. And of course when it was time for the girls to go NO ONE wanted to leave or stop playing.
I am so glad that my girls have good friends.

Monday, August 10, 2009

My Steals!

Ok So I am TOTALLY excited! Today was DOUBLE COUPON DAY!!! at the PX on the base. It is a day that I really do look foward to all month. YES, I am a total dweeb and have nothing better to do with my time that coupons!

So I had to share my totals. I went to the store 6- yes count them 6 times. The PX only allows you to use 2 of the same coupon at a time. So I was a horrible mom and drug all 4 girls with me to MANY trips to the store to get my bargains. OH! Dont worry they got spoiled with a trip to Subway for lunch (they got to choose) and each got a candy bar DONT WORRY I GOT THOSE FREE with my coupons.

Here we go......
1st- total was $19.34 and I paid $0.00 yes that is All FREE stuff!
2nd- total was $50.38 and I paid $6.15
3rd- total was $132.93 and I paid $8.47
4th- total was $190.33 and I paid $35.70
5th total was $34.68 and I paid $3.32
6th total was $42.54 and I paid $15.18

I havent had a chance to take pictures yet of all my "stuff". But I am sure that it will FILL my kitchen table. So my grand totals were
BEFORE COUPONS: $470.20 and I PAID a WHOPPING $68.82

This total includes 6 boxes of Haircolor, Shampoo, Conditioner, Cleaner, toothpaste, floss, razors, razor refill cartridges, 3 Dove body washes, 3 jumbo packages of diapers, LOTS of visine, LOTS of asprin, scotch tape, 6 mailing/ packaging tapes and probably a few other things I have forgotten

I just had to share... thanks for letting me =)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ever have One of THOSE days???

Here is a pretty good picture of her 2 Teefers!

Love that hair!

Check out the look??? She has the greatest expressions......

So I have to say that lately time has been FLYING by! Each day I swear I am gonna accomplish LOTS...... Then before I know it, it is time to put the girls to bed and I think to myself- what did I accomplish today?

Well Monday 8/3 was Delaney's 9 month old birthday! I can hardly believe it. She is such a big girl. She is growing in leaps and bounds. Crawling all over and getting into mischief. I am having to "baby proof" my house and never had to do that with the other girls really- or maybe it's been so long I dont remember. =) Ya thats it!

I at least bathe my kids, make sure they eat and have clean clothes. Ok so laundry usually NEVER gets ALL THE WAY done! But when you have a child who LOVES to change 3 or 4 times a day.... you cant really ever catch up!

Being a mommy is so rewarding. Honestly. I wouldnt change it for the world! I have truly been blessed with 4 beautiful girls who mean the world to me. When I am having a bad day... one or more of them come and love on me! It is the best feeling in the world.
So I just had to share these pictures of the cutest hairstyle... because most days this is how I feel- like I'm going CRAZY!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Kelsee teaches us all.....

So I am SOOO Behind on posting things. Ya know life just gets away from you sometimes...... ok for me these days it seems like I can NEVER get ahead or even catch up!

This past week has been full of sleepless nites and sick kids. First Delaney was sick when we came home from gramma and papas. Running a nasty temp and she even threw up. Who knew a 8 month old could barf so much??? It was yucky. Just as she is on the mend- Haylee went down. Temp of 103 degrees and throwing up. And me, I have to take it all cuz we have a daddy who barfs at the sight or even sound sometimes of barf! Not a good thing. So we made it through Haylee and now onto Sydney. Poor girl. She hasnt hit the barf and hopefully won't. This momma is getting pretty sick and tired of barf! Let's also hope Kelsee, Matthew or I don't get the nasty! Well it is on to the LYSOL all over the house. Time to SANITIZE EVERYTHING! I certainly dont want this garb going around again.

Well as I was nursing the baby to sleep tonite Kelsee came to me and said we needed to do Family Home Evening. Leave it to an ALMOST 6 yr old to keep mom and dad on track! We have a FAMILY HOME EVENING board, that my WONDERFUL sister, Julie, made. It is hung on our wall but I must say we have YET to use it since living here. OK SO ITS BEEN A YEAR!

Anyways back to the story. Kelsee had made a little lesson about "what if's" and told about how the people sent Jesus away to go on the cross because they thought he lied and wasnt a very good teacher. Then she asked us questions like "what if we didnt have beds? What would you do? What if we didnt have light or sun and it rained all day? What if we didnt have a mom or dad? What if we didnt have anyone to love us? Then she went on to ask...... How would we feel if we had to just sit ALL DAY and have NO toys? Matthew liked this questions. He has gotten REALLY good at just sitting. True- its usually sitting in his recliner watching TV. So he told Kelsee he would be happy to just sit in his chair. She told him that it wouldnt be a comfy chair. It would be a hard metal one. So cute

She also gave me the assignment to read the scriptures. I'll tell you- She had it all planned out. It was the best Family Home Evening we've ever had! It made Matthew and I smile as parents. She is the cutest thing on wheels. It is an eye opener to Just how smart Kids are today. Out Heavenly Father TRULY has saved the BEST kids for the Latter Days! I am just lucky that I got 4 of them!