Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saying goodbye is NEVER easy

So it was time to say goodbye to our daddy. Although he hasnt even been home from Iraq for a year yet.  time has gone by so quickly.  He has had ALOT of training to do at Camp Pendleton, CA. Bridgeport, CA and at Mojave Viper..... along with all the other classes and courses along the way.  It seems he's only really been home for about 5 months total.

The Original ADVON (advance party) deployment they were supposed to leave on Friday night.  Just hours before having to say goodbye the time was changed til Saturday night. The girls were excited to have him home 1 more night and so was I.  But it just prolonged the inevitable of GOODBYE!
Saturday was mostly spend getting ready to get ready to leave.  He has lots to do at work and wasnt home much.  But we enjoyed the time we did have together.  For the first time in many deployments we were able to send him off as a family.

Daddy and all his girls. He sure does LOVE them!

 and I sure Love him too.  I am proud of my MARINE!
Yes that is a machine gun around his shoulder.  
Matthew getting the low down on the Latest news....
we had some time to play and laugh with our daddy before he had to leave.  Delaney was growling and laughing with her daddy. 
I LOVE the smile.... it is VERY Rare that he "Lets" me take pictures of him.  He was a great sport and let me take more than a few.
then the sun went down and it was time to say goodbye for good

Our family
 Haylee really didnt want to say goodbye.  She couldnt hold back the emotion.  So sweet to see the last few minutes of hugs and kisses.  By the time Matthew gets back Delaney will almost be 2.  There are MANY things he will miss while he is gone..... Sydney turning 10.  Haylee turning 12.  Easter, School getting out.  Haylee graduating to Middle school, summertime, and many other adventures in life.  But like always we will make memories and save them to share  with him when he gets HOME.


  1. My brother has been a Marine (EOD) for 16 years and has been based at Camp Pendleton for years. He has completed 3 tours to Iraq, along with countless other deployments. We also have a son in the Navy and a son who is also a Marine (currently in Afganistan). I will be praying for you and your girls and want to thank you for everything you do to make it possible for your husband to be away protecting us all and our County. God bless you all!

  2. thanks aj. That means alot to have support. Thanks for following my blog. :) I will be praying for your son, like I do for all those who serve our country.

  3. Ah, Jenifer. Such a sweet and touching post. The sacrifice you all make pings my heart and dropped a few of my tears. I'm glad your hubby cooperated with the pictures (reminds me of my oldest son). What a beautiful couple and family you are! xoxox

  4. Jenifer, I had my kids sit here and listen while I read your post to them. I could not read your post with out crying and having such gratitude for Matthew and for you and the girls. Know, we are so grateful for the men and women who serve our country and even more grateful for the families they have to leave behind! Please know your family and Matthew along with all the others who serve are country are always in our prayers. God bless this great Country we live in and the Men and Women who serve! Thank You!

  5. Jen, YOU MADE ME CRY! I felt like I was right there saying goodbye! I know it is not an easy thing to do once...twice..., but for you and your family it is much more!
    I loved all the pictures. They are awesome! See Miricles DOOOOO Happen!!!! You need to print the picture of Matthew (BIG!). So the girls can see. It will especially help Delaney remember her dad. She can talk to him and give him kisses.
    Thanks for your sacrifice! I love you! I hope these months go by really quick and Matthew comes home safe!

  6. I cannot tell you all enough how much all your love and support means to me and I know it means alot to Matthew too. It sure makes it easier for him to be gone from us knowing we have all of you to support me :)
    The road is never easy but time will fly and before long we will be united again!