Sunday, March 28, 2010

He's ok!

I woke up yesterday and got on the computer.... just like every other day. But I was shocked this time..... I got an email from Matthew.  It was SHORT!  Vert SHORT!  

It said "Hi. Would you send me my computer. Love you. I will call in a few days. ME"

So I am GUESSING he is ok and in Afghanistan.  I wrote him back yesterday and my email was a little (OK ALOT) longer.  They girls got excited when I told them I got an email from daddy.  They all wanted to tell him HI and they loved him.  I am so grateful for technology and how quick emails can get to those around the world.  I hope to maybe be able to even SKYPE with him when he gets his computer.  The girls would love that and so would I :)
I know I dont have any pictures to add to this blog. But I just had to share that my hubby is ok.  It is hard to believe its been 2 weeks since he left.  Time is FLYING by.  I hope the next week SLOWS down though.... i want to enjoy SPRING BREAK!

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