Saturday, March 13, 2010

What a sight!

Nothing beats this sight.... Marines marching the colors 
except maybe...

a bunch of Marines in formation preparing to head to Afghanistan in the Marching off to War ceremony.  It was a VERY emotional thing to watch.  The Marines Hymn was played.  the National Anthem was played and the Marines stood at attention the whole time.  AMAZING!  Made me even MORE proud to be married to one of these Brave Men in uniform.  
 it was hard waiting for the ceremony to begin.  The girls were already sad.  We were supposed to say GOODBYE to Matthew yesterday night (friday)  but as usual the Marine Corps changed plans on him and he left tonite (sat) instead.... YAH! 1 more day with our daddy/husband.  But sometimes it makes it harder to change the plans..... especially for little ones.  We had already cried ALOT!  What can we say, we are all GIRLS.
Matthew is NOT a picture person at all! But i have made sure to take plenty so that the girls..,,,this little girl (especially) will remember their daddy while he is gone.  I just thought this was a sweet picture of the 2 of them.

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  1. Jen...did you video any of the event? I bet it was awesome!
    I love the picture of Matthew and have to print this one. Laminate it and let her carry it around. It will be her treasure.