Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Sydney!

Happy Happy Birthday SYD!

Happy Birthday to my Sydney Nicol (aka Syd the Kid)  She turned the big 10 on Friday.  She is now a double digit midget!  She had a great birthday.... filled with LOTS of fun.
As usual she woke up to her door being decorated and this big poster in the entryway

I took her Mickey D's for lunch....... we had a double birthday party at the Bowling Alley after school (check back for another blog entry on that) and then made the trek up to see Gramma and Papa for the weekend, to surprise Uncle David for his 30th birthday.
We are so lucky to have Sydney as  part of our family.  she truly is a blessing in our lives.  Her smile :)  is contagious..... she is so outgoing and LOVES school!  She is an honor roll student.  She is in a 4th/5th combination class and just ran the mile in 10 minutes 1 sec.  She is a big helper and always the first to give LOVES and kisses and tell you she loves you.  Sydney is the sweetest girl. WE LOVE YOU Sydney!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!


  1. We love you Syd! We are glad you are part of our family! Hope you had a GREAT birthday. It looks like you had a birthday party. I hope you had fun with your friends.

    I love the way your mom decorates your bedroom door for your birthday! She is such a GOOD LADY!

  2. Thanks Aunt Jeanne. Sydney LOVED her decoration this year.... she said shes gonna keep em! She wants to make a scrapbook of them.