Thursday, March 18, 2010

My mischief maker!

She is the cutest little girl I must say but she DRIVES HER MOMMA NUTS!!

just yesterday she colored on herself eith a marker she found in Kelsee's room. and this morning she found another one and colored on herself again! 

then just a little bit ago......
Delaney was a little TOO quiet...... for a little TOO long.....
I was in the kitchen sorting laundry while she was watching her shows... least she was supposed to be..and when I came around the corner this is what I found!

She had found sisters Barbie lipgloss (that happens to be colored) and decided to make herself beautiful!  She got it ALL over her hands, her mouth and even decided to color the ground
Oh!  and her brand new shirt! What in the world..... all of this within 2-3 minutes. I AM NOT ready for this stage. I totally forgot how they are into EVERYTHING!!!  Touching EVERYTHING and thinking they are SOOOO cute they can get away with it.
This is the aftermath of the lipgloss
And this was the "tool" she used the dig it out!

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