Thursday, March 25, 2010

I cant believe I have a 12 year old!

Happy Happy Birthday HAYLEE NICOL!  We sure do love you!
 The girls LOVE to have their doors decorated.... it starts off the day in a great way.

Then it was time for CAKE and "presents"!
She blew out the candles in 1 breath.

She got lots of fun cards from family. 

Delaney had to match Haylee....

This is the 2nd year in a row that Matthew (Haylee's daddy) has missed her birthday.  This one being extra special.  She became a YOUNG WOMEN and is no longer in Primary at church!   I tried as hard as a could to make her day special but for some reason she was just not having the best birthday.  She even wrote a sign that said This was the WORST birthday ever on the back of one of the signs on her door.  Me as a mommy was very sad :(  I dont know how to help her.
We are so lucky to have Haylee in our family.  She is the best big sister and daughter!  we love you Haylee

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