Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to my sweet 2 year old

Happy Birthday to my BIG 2 year old DELANEY!

It is truly hard to believe that she has grown so big already.  It really does seem like yesterday that she was squirmy around in my belly and my belly looked like this

with my little "pumpkin" who didn't want to come out.  But mommy was SOOOO ready for her to come.  And then she arrived.  Here are just some of my favorites... funny faces and smiles :)

(this one was taken this morning... my BIG 2 year old!)

We had a Fun "DORA PARTY" at the park with friends... Dora cake and all

Then Elmo Cupcakes at home with daddy and sisters...  All in all we had a SUPER day CELEBRATING this special little girl.  WE LOVE YOU DELANEY NICOL.  We are SO glad you are a part of our family!