Thursday, November 4, 2010


So on FACEBOOK alot of my friends are doing the 30 days of being THANKFUL.  Well now that it is the 4th of November, I figured I would Jump on that bandwagon and do my THANKFUL list.... Hey MAYBE, just MAYBE it will help me Blog more often in having to ADD to the list EVERYDAY!

So here is the first 4 THANKFUL'S:

1- I am Thankful for the BEST husband in the world! (glad he is HOME safe after a LONG deployment) We are getting ready to CELEBRATE 19 years together as of Nov 13th.

2- I am Thankful for my AWESOME daughters! I am such a LUCKY mommy.  They bring so much joy and happiness to my life.

3- I am Thankful to be able to stay Home and be a Mommy (this is job enough for me)  It is my "dream job" and wouldn't have it any other way!

4- I am Thankful for the my Faith.... it is what keeps me going when times are tough.  

5-  I am Thankful for my family.....How truly blessed I am to have the GREATEST parents and siblings! They are not only my family but my greatest friends.  My dad always taught is growing up that "Friends will come and go but your FAMILY will ALWAYS be there!"  It is so true even after all these years. And now that is something that I teach my girls.

6-  I am thankful for my friends. They strengthen me and lift me up when I am feeling down. I have some pretty awesome friends :)
7-  I am thankful for the Marine Corps.... Thankful that my husband has a job

8th- I am thankful for the scriptures.... they are so powerful.

9th- I am thankful for the sunrise. I actually am grateful that I have been able to watch the sunrise so many morning's taking Haylee to school.

10th- I am thankful for the quiet. The time to sit and ponder and reflect on things

11th- Today I am thankful for Freedom. The freedom that was fought for
many years ago.The freedom that many people lost their lives for. The freedom some take for granted. But I certainly Don't! The freedom to worship as I please. The freedom to live as I want and make my own choices.  FREEDOM ISN'T FREE!




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  1. Hi! I wanted to send you a message, but I don't think I can so I'm going to use this comment area as an email. lol This may sound really strange but here it goes - I have been told by a friend that military families can use expired coupons at the PX for up to 6 months past the expiration date. First of all, I'm not sure if this is correct, but I have been giving my expired coupons to this friend for her to forward them to the correct organization.

    I'm not even sure how I first came across your blog, but have been following it for awhile (I have a son and brother in the marines and a son and daughter in law in the Navy) because I really admire how honest and strong you are as a military wife.

    oh yeah...back to the point. What I really want to know is if you are interested in my expired coupons (since I am aware that you would use them if possible in your monthly shopping trips). If so, left me know how you would like to go about getting them, since I am in Ohio I would mail them to you, but am not sure you want to give your address out. My email is if you would rather correspond that way. If you have decided I am a complete nut case and want nothing to do with me at all...I totally understand and am not offended. lol