Sunday, May 3, 2009

Can it be so?

Can It really be this little cutie already 6 months old?
Wow has time passed so quickly. I had to share some of my New favorite faces that Delaney is making these days. She is the cutest and makes me smile. I love her smile. She is starting to laugh on her own. She is up on her knees now...... getting ready to rock back and forth, before long she will be crawling.

Spit and all! Isnt this adorable?

Check out that smile.

This is her "mean" face.
I have probably 50 pictures I have taken of just her over the last month or so. She is growing too quick and I dont want to miss a thing. OH! Dont worry I will be adding more- SOON!


  1. I love the mean face. She is a fabulous little baby. Growing too fast!

  2. isnt she cute?? I just wanna squeeze the poop outta her!