Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Curlie Sue's

The sure fire way to get Kelsee and Sydney to take a bath EVERY NITE! I put there hair up in curlers and it has to be wet..... so they have to take a bath and this is the result... My Curly Sue's

Sydney LOVES it REALLY curly. She doesn't even want to to loosen the curls at all. This is her before church today. She got lots of compliments that she looked so cute.

Kelsee is always so excited to see how curly her hair is in the morning.

Our first try on Sydneys hair. It didn't turn out so curly that time.

The BEFORE picture. Kelsee was too shy to show her curlers.


  1. Too cute. It's so funny, Jamie just sent me a picture yesterday of Reagan and her Shirley Temple hair. It must have been the thing to do this weekend.

  2. So cute. Love the curls. Don't your girls have your naturally curly hair???

  3. Only Haylee has curls and she Hates them. OOPs I said Hate, dang I said it again! LOL