Sunday, May 10, 2009

Really again????

Check out this shiner!


She had a Really big lump under her eye.....

Ok- so here is the story. Kelsee LOVES to play at my neighbor (Kris) house. She was over there yesterday playing baseball with my neighbors hubby and son. The dad was throwing, aka pitching the ball to her. She hit the ball and it popped right up and hit her in the eye. Kris asked her if she was ok and when Kelsee turned to look at her she already had a knot and a bruise!

**A little side note. Just a few weeks ago, Kelsee was playing the WII over there. They had just gotten a dog from the shelter. Kelsee went to pet the dog and the dog nipped at her face and got her on the nose and her cheek. Kris made the comment to me then, You are never gonna let her come over here again! ...... They have since gotten rid of that dog.

With this "little" incident, yet again Kris was worried I wouldn't ever let Kelsee over to play. She called me apologizing MANY MANY Times.

I have one thing to say- I LOVE my girls! Really I do. But Sydney and Kelsee are so accident prone! If it can happen, it has happened to them! Knock on wood, no broken bones, but bumps and bruises Galore!!!

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  1. Sorry to say Jen, but is the family curse, you know that. Poor Kelsee! Give her loves from me!