Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Baby Girl

Check out the spit?

Isn't she cute?

I've ALWAYS wanted to do a Nakey Picture. I finally did. This is Framed in black and white in her room.

This is her 3 weeks old Picture.

My sweet little baby turned 6 months old on May 3rd. She had her 6 month check up Monday.

Can I just say I LOOK FOWARD to going to the Dr's for the girls..... Yes really I do. Why you might ask.... Because the girls Doctor is HHHHOOOOOTTTTT! Oh Sorry did I really say that outloud? No really I think he some nice "Eye candy" as my sister would say.

Anyways, I digress- yet again..... Delaney now weighs in at 14 lbs 14.6oz and is 26" long. Her head, yeah like 42cm????? She is now in the 25% for weight. She dropped from 50% to 25%. She is a tiny thing, well compared to my other girls.

She is now eating carrots and kinda liking them. But to be honest- I am not sure if her little body likes them! I changed THE NASTIEST diaper this AM. Not looking foward to those anymore. But Too late!

Delaney is the best baby! She brings me so much joy- as do all my girls I just am a really lucky mommy.


  1. I think the nasty diapers is the worst part of the babies growing up. Or it could be that I miss the cute baby chubs. Or the newborn smell. Whatever it is... she is growing too fast!

  2. Love the brown and pink dress. I keep almost buying it.