Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Saying Goodbye to friends... is never an easy thing!

Sydney playing with Eli

Eric with Emma (5 wks younger than Delaney)
Chelsea with Delaney

Chelsea saying Goodbye to Delaney

Good friends just 5 weeks apart. Emma and Delaney

Kelsee's "bestest friend EVER!" (those are her words exactly)
**Funny sidenote- they both have booboo's. Kelsee's Shiner and Kylie bonked her nose.**

We said Goodbye last nite to our good friends, the Anderson's. Chelsea, Eric, Kylie, Eli and Emma.

We met in kindof a silly way here in 29 Palms.... at the commissary. We had just moved in and Matthew was gone at Mojave Viper (a training exercise) I had no idea where the church was a no phone book. OH! and no Internet... etc. We were coming out of the store as the Anderson van (with UTAH license plates) pulled in just a few cars down. I got up the nerve to ask- I have a weird question for you. Are you guys Mormon? They said Yup! How did you know. I told them that the Utah plate kinda tipped me off. We laughed and had been inseparable ever since.

Chelsea and I waited out our last few months of pregancy together. We both ended up with gestational diabetes. We loved going to to lunch together, spending time shopping and letting the kids play. Chelsea was even there in the delivery room with me when I had Delaney. She was the best! I am so grateful to have met a friend like her. Her hubby, Eric, even took work off to stay home and watch ALL the kids..... my 3 plus his 2. What a guy. Cool thing is he and Delaney share a birthday.

Kelsee and Kylie were the Bestest friends ever! and Sydney loved playing with Eli. We will really miss them. But in the Marine Corps, especially when you are LDS it's not Goodbye- you will run into them again, sometime, somewhere!

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  1. I'm so sorry that they are leaving. Where to? Good pics, good memories and a great story to tell you kids and others about how you met.