Friday, May 15, 2009

Beautifiying my walkway

So I got this brilliant idea... Have my girls paint the stepping stones up the walkway to our front door. They were doing the "WE'RE BORED! THERE IS NOTHING TO DO! WE WANNA GO TO THE POOL BUT DELANEY IS SLEEPING, SO OF COURSE WE CAN'T!" card. So this was my solution.
Can you read what that says??? If you can't, my lovely daughter Sydney at just a meer 9 years old wrote....
WHAT???? She's only 9. Man maybe I have said that to her a few too many times!

Kelsee wanted to make a pumpkin on hers but I told her that then I would have to take it out cuz it's not Halloween. So she made polka dots instead.

Haylee is trying to figure out herself right now. She is ever changing in her likes and dislikes. Her stone said "PEACE AND LOVE" on it. Where do these kids come from????

My girls! We had a good times playing and painting outside. Good times and good memories. Haylee and Sydney finished off their stones with their handprints, which was what my hope was to begin with =)
Now I will have to get Delaney out there one of these days and do hers. Like that will happen for a while......... knowing me, I will forget til we move!

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  1. I wanna see all of the finished stones. I love this idea. Great way to keep them busy and happy. Seriously, Syd's kills me!