Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It was One FABULOUS week!

Kelsee stayed home from school sick yesterday. Our Rule is your REST! all day.  Laying on the couch was BORING she said.  After a few hours of laying there,  she was rustling around on the couch and guess what she found???? My camera!  Oh thank Heavens! She said it was smashed in the cushions of the couch. Then  I remembered... I had put it on the couch as I was packing the last bag before heading to Utah for Womens Conference last week.  

We got all the way to Mesquite, NV to the hotel, before I realized it was NOT packed! Thus not many pictures of our vacation!  The only ones I do have are those that my friend took with her camera.

We left our house Sunday after church to make the drive up.  We stopped for the night in Mesquite, NV.  The girls were tired cranky and I had a MASSIVE Migraine! after checking into our hotel room, we drove around trying to find someplace to eat.  We settled on Little Caeser's Pizza...... Why you might ask PIZZA???? Because they had a DRIVE THRU window and I didnt have to get all the girls out of the truck.
(if I wouldve had my camera, picture of drive thru window would be inserted here.... so just imagine it)
We had a fun night of playing in the hotel room..... Watching Tv and laughing.  

We left Monday morning and drove the rest of the way to American Fork, UT. It was a beautiful drive. So green and full of so many colors in flowers and rocks. It amazes me the beauty of this world.
We had monday night and all day Tues and wed to play with our cousins.  Wednesday night we made the trek to Salt Lake to pick up Aunt Jeanne, Gramma and my good friend Tammy Pitts (we've known each other since we were 8 and haven't seen each other in over 10 years)  We stayed up late that night talking and laughing like teenagers at a slumber party.  It was so fun!

Thursday morning we woke up to COLD rain/SNOW (yes really SNOW on April 28th!) we headed out to Womens Conference at BYU.

The opening session was held in the Marriot Center.

This is me and my big sister Jeanne.  We are 15  months apart.
The classes we took Thursday were AMAZING!  Learned alot and realized I gotta work on some things to be a better mommy and wife.  (just a sidenote, when I told my husband Matthew that, he said I dont think there is anything you need to work on! Nobody is perfect! - I know AHHHHH how sweet huh?)  What a great day with my sister and friend.  I was sad that my mom got sick and couldn't be there with us and my sister Julie had stayed home with her so she missed out too.

Thursday night we had the opportunity to go to a concert at BYU.... LOTS of fun performers and music.  Michael McLean, Hilary Weeks among others.

We were all like a bunch of little girls, screaming for our favorite singers.

Friday morning we woke up to More SNOW and COLD!  Again it was only Tammy, Jeanne and I that went to the Conference.  Julie and my mom were still sick :(

(L-R) Tammy(my good friend), me (Jenifer) and Jeanne (my sister)
yet another day of AMAZING classes that were FULL of the spirit and so much good stuff. I took LOTS of notes.  
For the closing of the Conference we had the opportunity to hear from Elder Dallin H Oaks
and his wife. How amazing to be in the same room as an apostle of the Lord.  There was chatter and such until Elder Oaks walked in and an immediate HUSH came over the crowd as everyone rose to their feet.  The spirit was so strong.  It is an experience I will not soon forget.
After the Conference we wanted 1 last picture in front of the Beautiful blossoming pink trees.

The colors of the flowers were amazing.  after so much BROWN and dirt of the desert it was a beautiful site!
Later that night we had the opportunity to go visit another Great friend and her kids. On the way out there we passed the Great Salt Lake and saw this beautiful sunset...
We again had a great time talking and laughing with friends.  I am so blessed to have great people in my life!
These are my good friends Tammy and Bryna
I am SOOO grateful to have had the opportunity to go to Utah with my girls.  grateful for my daughter Haylee for stepping up and watching her sisters so that I could go to the Conference.  But most of all Thankful to my Savior and my Father in Heaven for all the beauty of this world and the blessings of such a wonderful family! I am a LUCKY girl!

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