Sunday, May 16, 2010

5 hours later.....

Sydney has been had a nasty cough for the past 4 days... I have been telling her she NEEDS to go to the Dr.  Her response to me "I can't miss school.  I wanna get my 10 tickets to the Spring Carnival and I have to be there everyday to get them!"  WHAT???? Are you kidding me.  She would rather go to school and be sick then be sick at home and miss out on tickets.  Thats Syd for you!  SHE LOVES SCHOOL!!!

So after ALOT of coughing fits to were she had a hard time breathing Sydney FINALLY gave in and said she wanted to go to the ER last nite.  So we checked in at 7:45pm and SAT... and sat and sat some more! Just a little side note.... WHY is it that they (the ER people) feel it is OK to put on THE GREEN MILE with Kids in the ER??? Are you kidding me?  It was on TNT last nite and it replayed after the first showing. Lots of language and shootings.... NOT what I need my daughter to be watching LATE at nite!  THANK YOU!  I even asked a corpsman to change the channel, when we were the only ones sitting in the waiting room.... no such luck!  So there we were STUCK watching/listening to YUCK!  And to top it off, the other ADULTS that took their turns waiting too had some nice WORDS (if you can actually call 4 letter nastiness Words) to share as they sat and waited their turn.  Really people if you wanna talk like that FINE so be it!  I DONT NEED my daughter to hear it!  Sorry for getting sidetracked! LOL
OH!  and she got to wear one of these cool masks with Disney characters on them.  She went through 3 of them while waiting... as she sneezed in them and well ya know what happens when you are sick and you sneeze.
So were FINALLY called back into a room at 10pm.  The Dr. came to see her FINALLY at 11:15pm.  He determined after listening to her chest and her cough.... Bronchitis!  I knew it.  that is totally what I figured it was.  Yes thank you! I AM a mom of 4.
So after our 6 minutes with the Dr.  he said  "we'll get ya outta her in a couple of minutes... gotta get the papers for you to sign"  38 minutes Later! (seriously someone needs to teach them TIME... cuz last time I checked that wasnt a few minutes.  The funniest thing was Sydney was the one who said that to me :)  We then headed to the Pharmacy..... YES oh YES another 20 minute wait for her meds.  Are you kidding me?  Its midnight and NO ONE else was in the pharmacy!  So here is what we came home with

I REALLY hope this stuff works!

So that was Our adventure for the night. and to think I was gonna go to the Midnight madness caselot sale.... Totally missed that.  It was from 6-midnight!  Oh well my baby girl was WAY more important

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  1. glad to hear you took her to the dr's. She needed to go! I hope she is feeling much better!
    love you all!