Sunday, May 23, 2010

You spent how much? Its more like YOU SAVED WHAT?

I went to the commissary on Saturday to do some shopping.I took Kelsee with me and Haylee stayed home with Delaney while she napped (dont worry I didnt forget Syd, she was at her friends house)... Ok so my actual plan was to just get a FEW things... but it didn't work out that way....  I FILLED the cart!  I haven't done that, well since we moved here and I had to replenish or freezer and fridge stuff!  I couldn't help myself... so many things had gone on sale and they had just added coupons right on the shelves for things we TOTALLY use!  Fruit snacks..... for $1.50 with a 0.75 off 1 package coupon... are you kidding a box of Betty Crocker fruit snacks for 0.75 a box... could you pass that up?  I sure couldn't so in the cart went a box or 10!  Then I had coupons for a FREE box of facial tissue... yes there was 4 of those.  Then a FREE Relish jar, a FREE BBQ sauce, $1.00 off 2 boxes of Lucky charms, oh but then I had another $1.00 off 2 boxes AND when you bought 4 boxes you got $3.00 off MILK!  Sweet another thing FREE!!!  Then I had a coupon for $1.00 off 2 Kraft cheese... they of course were on sale a pound of shredded cheese for $2.50 then when you buy 2 get a FREE box of Ritz crackers.... (Are you sensing a pattern here???? LOTS OF FREE STUFF in this shopping trip!) yup!  that's right.  I even splurged and let Kelsee pick out a body wash for the girls.... oh but you say no biggie, well for me it was, I DIDN'T USE A COUPON for it! Ouch!  $1.79 hit me hard :)
OH! and my favorite new snack for ME and ONLY ME..... Edwards brand Hot fudge sundae treat.... its a 2 pack.  They are on sale for $2.04 and I had $1.30 off coupon... Yes I am stocking up!
Well when all was said and done and my cart was OVERFLOWING I headed to the check out.  Now at this point, the cashiers see me coming and just wait in anticipation for me to come to THEIR lines..... No really I have been told by a few that they actually see what line I go in and then call to that register after I leave to see how much I saved.  It made me smile when they told me that..... Oh sorry I was kinda patting myself on the back for a minute. :)
I unloaded my cart with the "help" of Kelsee as she threw the stuff on the conveyer belt, then the fun began.... scanning it all and then the coupons.  My total WAS $205.86------  2 FULL carts after it was all put in the bags.  But what did I actually pay, and how much DID I save you ask.... Oh I WILL tell you!  I SAVED $105.28 and I spent $100.58.... yes I got meat, milk, cheese, bread, fresh fruits and veggies and MORE!  
Then it was the not so fun part of putting it all away!

**sorry no pictures, I hope this post didnt bore you.  It made me smile :)**