Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kids say the cutest things....

So I was driving with Kelsee today to get newspapers.  
Just mommy and Kelsee time! (she loves that)  Of course, she wanted to watch a movie. There were no other sisters to fight with over which one to pick. So she picked, Kim Possible the movie. So much for mommy and Kelsee time....

So as the movie starts she says to me, "Mommy, I LOVE the NICK A MORA song on Kim Possible. Its my favorite."  I thought for a minute, confused at what song she was talking about. I have only seen that movie a MILLION times!  I never heard a song called NICK A MORA.  So I asked her, "who sings that?"  She replied
"the pink little guy"  Then it hit me.....
It made me laugh.  I love sure do love my Kelsee 

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