Monday, May 3, 2010

It's hard to believe

It's so hard to believe that my "baby"  started out this tiny..... 

18 months ago today Delaney Nicol was born.  Where has the last year and a half gone?
It has ZOOMED past!
You might be saying to yourself.... WHATs so BIG about being 18 Months? 
WELL- This is a big day for us.... she is now "LEGAL" for NURSERY!  The question is.... IS MOMMY READY FOR HER TO GO?
 She has brought so much joy to our lives.  She is so happy. Her smile is contagious.
She has been growing more teeth, and learning new words.... her latest are Haylee, HELLO, NO! and MINE!
she loves to make faces and loves to laugh.  She is very ticklish. She loves her big sisters and loves getting into their stuff!  NOTHING is sacred when she is around.
 But who could resist this face?  I sure can't.  
Happy 18 month Birthday Delaney!  and NURSERY Here we come!


  1. Awe! You have a beautiful little girl! Can't wait to see the rest of your cuties! Following now!

  2. Hooray, 18 months & nursery! If pictures tell the true story, it looks like Delaney is a happy and social girl who will love nursery.

    "Only" 16 months until Devonae is there.

  3. Thanks The Wifey! I have 4 cuties and I LOVE them all!!! Thanks for following.
    Monica- she is a very happy girl but we will see how Nursery goes. I am not so much worried about her as worried about the other kids beating her up! She is a tiny little peanut

  4. Hey internet finally works! Happy 18th month birthday! Have FUN in nursery!