Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It was a Success yet again :)

Ok so yesterday was the big day.... well its MY big day!  The day I look forward to all month long.
Here are my totals for the day.... I will add pictures shortly... when I can gather all my GOODS together :)

My totals were..... My 1st trip $324.10 I paid $52.18 

My 2ndtrip $153.51  I paid $9.28

 (this is what I got for $9.28)

My 3rd trip $66.91 I paid $7.91 

My 4th trip $218.17  I paid $31.77 

My 5th trip $235.51  I paid $31.01 

My 6th trip $126.63 I paid $3.45 

My Grand Totals SHOULD'VE been $1124.83 and I spent $135.60 for a total of 12% of my bill.

I couldn't even fit everything on the table stacked up!  After taking all the pictures I realized I forgot to full bags of stuff!
lots of batteries for $0.38 each... Lysol wipes for $0.58 each...
All the Razors.... most were $0.87 (except the Mach3 refill cartridges were $3.48 each) 
I think this is the most product I've gotten at once.   


  1. Jen...you continue to amazing. WOOOOOOOOW!!!!! GOOOOOOD JOB!!!! You can share some of that with me! ;)

  2. Oh! I will be sharing that is for sure.. Just gotta find a box big enough! LOL