Monday, June 7, 2010

And away we go....

Just a 4 short weeks after returning from Utah, our sweet little cousin Tiffany Searle, 9 yrs old, passed away.  So we made another trek up to Utah. 
This time it was a quick couple of days... but it was so worth every minute of being there.
The girls and I were joined this trip by Uncle David.... he and Tiff had a very special relationship... He understood how it was to not have your body work they way you wished it would. 
These first few pictures were taken by David as I drove...
The colors were amazing!  I just love the GREEN :)
The girls were amazing!  They were so good.  The actually only fought a couple of times.
And this is how Syd spent most of the drive.... ASLEEP!
Delaney fanagled (however you spell that word) her way outta the buckle.... she was just ready to be DONE!
We loved the 80 mph speed limit!
The snow on the mountains... yes i know its June and there is still snow!
and of course the "Y" for BYU! 
We got up to American Fork, UT on sunday night. Monday was Memorial Day. It was also the viewing for little Tiffany.
what a sweet special little spirit she was. Nothing ever got her down. She was never without a smile.
Tuesday was the funeral.  The day started out beautiful. Just a couple of clouds in the sky.  As we came out of the church after the funeral to head to the burial, it started to sprinkle, and then to rain. Valerie, Tiffany's mom said, Ya know Tiff is getting the last laugh.  She is looking down on us standing out here in the rain and laughing.
The strength of these two!  They are such great examples.... they never gave up in trying to find a cure for their little girl.
I dont know why But I absolutely LOVE this picture.  I snapped it as they were standing there at the casket.  
many people said They shouldnt have to make caskets that small
Two of my favorite guys.  David (my bro) and my cousin Scott (Tiffany's dad)
Nic, Tiffany and Brittany Searle  taken shortly before Tiffany passed away.
How lucky we were to be there and even more to know her.  Til we meet again little Tiff!

The trip of course went by way too fast.  We are blessed to have such wonderful family. We will be up there again in Utah before we know it!

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