Thursday, June 10, 2010

Congrats Haylee... You did it!

Well Haylee did it.... She has graduated (promoted) to 7th grade!
I can't tell you how proud I am of her.  She is a beautiful young woman and has grown up so much! 
she picked out her graduation dress all by herself.  Problem is it was a tad bit short... especially with the wind!  and she snuck right before we left for school and put a little makeup on...
The graduation was held next store to the elementary school in the Community center. They had decorated it up!  It looked great
to our surprise Haylee was awarded HIGH HONOR STUDENT! and she also got the President's Education Award (FYI- I know you are all jealous she got it signed by BARRACK! LOL)
she did excellent in school this trimester.  She brought up all her grades and got nothing below a B.
Haylee and her teacher Mr. McCallum.  He was awesome!  He was also Sydney's 3rd grade teacher last year.  He sadly received his "pink slip" and will not be returning to Condor next year :(  We were so lucky to have him teach Haylee this year. He went above and beyond in not only teaching but tutoring students after school who struggled in math.
we all got to be there to celebrate in the graduation.... except daddy (Matthew) Delaney was NOT a happy camper but that's what you get for having a fever of 103.5 as we came to find out after leaving the graduation and headed for the Dr.'s
Haylee and her bestie Dustina
Me and the girls... yes someone was kind enough to take it so I could be in a pic :)
and this is the BEST teacher at Condor :)  Ms Evans.  She was Kelsee's 1st grade teacher and a major LIFESAVER on a number or occasions.  She is so sweet and understanding.  Couldn't have survived this year without great teachers for the girls.  Sydney had Mrs. Tate, a former Marine herself.  She was a great teacher too and helped Sydney to excel in many areas.
We are sad to see the school year end.... ok so I am REALLY looking forward to sleeping in! but the girls are gonna miss their teachers and their friends.... now its onto SUMMERTIME!  BRING IT ON :)

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