Thursday, June 24, 2010

We love us some SHOES!

My sweet little "baby" LOVES shoes!  Wherever she can find them.  She has figured out how to put on big sisters flip flops, church shoes and even tennis shoes.  She USUALLY even puts them on the right feet.  
Here are just a few off the "shoe pictures" Ive taken of her
These were Haylee's flip flops... Notice they are almost as big as she is... 
The best part is she get so proud of herself when she puts them on.  Then she struts around the house wearing HER shoes!
These were her FAVORITE pair of shoes... her pink crocs.... Sad story though. We were at Target last nite and we LOST one!  I know silly thing but she was so sad and so was the momma.  They matched so many of her outfits and were shoes &  watershoes in 1 and SHE COULD PUT THEM ON HERSELF! (ok so that is the biggest reason I am sad that we lost it)



  1. Haha! Such a girly girl. Btw, I think you can get kids Crocs for about $8 right now. I saw it on's Screaming Penny email a few days ago.

  2. Awe, so precious!
    We lose cute shoes around here all the time too, but mainly cuz the doggy chews 'em up!

    Coming by to let you know that I had you on a milspouse list, and I'm transferring over to a new plug-in version where you link yourself up. If you'd like to put your site up stop by:


  3. Did you check with the customer service desk to see if anyone turned the shoe in? Target is usually pretty good about son once left a baseball cap in a target store while we were traveling, and we didn't realize it was missing until we were on the road. The store phone number was on the receipt, so we called, someone turned the hat in that night, and the nice store manager actually MAILED the hat to us! :)