Sunday, June 27, 2010

Girls Camp

it is WAY hard to believe but Haylee is old enough to go to Girls Camp.... She is 12!!!  She ended up going with my mom's ward... the ward I grew up in.  My neice, Katee, came out from Texas and they got to go together... Here are just a few of the pictures from their adventures!
this was there 1st day there
Haylee (shes in the green tee) raising the camp flag
putting together puzzles
this is my neice (Katee) eating a plate full of YUCKY food Haylee tells me :) It was all part of a relay game
Swimming in the lake
Their "HOME" away from home...
Tiedying Tshirts
Haylee had such a good time (shes in the front, on the right. check out that smile)....
 getting awards
packing up to head home :(

I am so glad that Haylee had a great time.  I actually missed having her around for 3 days.  Sydney missed her the most.  She was so glad to have her back, when we picked her up!  
Haylee is already planning for her 2nd year at Camp!

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