Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I came home for this???

We left shortly after school got out to head up to my parents for a couple of weeks.  Before we left I gave my house keys, my mail key and my Marine's truck keys to my next door neighbor.  She said she would get the mail and start the truck for me and JUST IN CASE she would have the house keys.
Well before I knew it 2 weeks had gone by and I realized that I didnt have my neighbors phone # to check on things..... Great!  What am I supposed to do now?  Oh wait, call another friend to go by and check.... So that's just what I did.  My friend, Ryalin stopped by for me this past weekend, but NO ONE was HOME!  WHAT???? Seriously?  Did they leave to go on their vacation already?  how is the world am I supposed to get my keys??? Luckily I have extra's to the house and the truck... but NOT the mail!!!!
So, I decided to make the trek back home (usually a 3 hour drive, 189 miles, but yesterday it took over 4 hours with traffic) just for a few days... if that!  As we drove from the nice 82 degree weather at 3pm in Simi Valley to the NASTY HOT desert weather, I was thinking to myself, WHY? WHY AM I COMING BACK???? Oh ya, I gotta do a few things and then we are GONE AGAIN!  We got home at just about 8pm and it was 101 degrees out. YUCK!  29 Palms is so yucky.  It was like a wall of heat hits you as you open the door to get out of the truck.
Anyways, so I unload the girls, walk over to turn on the hose, OH! thanks to the neighbor for "watering my lawn".... NOT its brown!  It was green before I left.  So the water starts to trickle out of the sprinkler... I walked over to check to see if there was a kink in it... NOPE just a 3-4 inch slice in the hose!  Are you kidding me?  Its already been repaired once.  I am so not gonna spend the money to replace it! What else can happen?
I go next door to get my keys and NO ONE IS HOME!  Their truck is home, but they aren't! WTHeck?  I NEED my keys!  This is really starting to irritate me.  About this time I am thinking I am so NOT sticking around this CRAPHOLE!  Inside my house it was 80 degrees (and that is with the air set at 75 while we were gone) I am hot, cranky from a LONG drive home with 4 crabby girls, I miss my MARINE! and I dont wanna deal with the daily CRAP!
I was so irritated last night that I wallowed in my hot fudge sundae ice cream treat!  Well it made me feel a LITTLE better (til I stepped on the scale this morning :( ) and then I went to bed.  I must say... I have missed my own bed!  I dont think I woke up once :)  Makes me a happy girl.

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