Friday, August 20, 2010

Haircut Time!

it's that time of year AGAIN!  Hard to believe that summer is OVER and the new school year is about to begin.....

Life has been crazy over the last week.  LOTS of "stuff" to get done and we aint done yet!

Wednesday the girls got their "school haircuts".  Even Delaney got a cut. Her 1st to be exact.  And I figured WHY NOT get mine done too!  (WOW! that was ALOT of money!)  So here is the results of the haircuts...
(check out another post for Delaney's 1st... it is worthy of its own POST)
Haylee was wanting to go drastic change... This is her BEFORE
Her PILE of hair
her curls
 She LOVES it and so do I!  She looks so grown up now though
 Sydney's Before
so now.... Haylee, Sydney and mommy "match" hair
Kelsee was SOOOO bored WAITING her turn!  I just love this picture... it says it all
Kelsee just got a trim.... She wants to be able to make a ponytail so we didnt cut much off.

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