Tuesday, August 24, 2010

TRYING to find a dress

So I HAVE to find a dress for the Marine Corps Ball in Nov.  My Marine has already had to buy the Ball tickets, at $80 + a ticket!  It is in Vegas….. again.  WHY?  I am not quite sure why we can’t just do it here in CA.  We not only have to pay a ridiculous amount for the tickets, but then the dress, shoes, my marines uniform, ribbons and whatever else comes up.  OH! And the hotel room, the gas to get there… and find someone to watch the 4 girls.  Oh the joys!  It’s not that easy to prepare for this event.  Not to mention that I am A LOT heavier (weight wise that is) than I want to be. 

 So I have looked for a dress while visiting my sisters in Utah.  I was shocked at the prices of the dresses. Although they were VERY modest and they would “fit” what I was looking for.  I just didn’t have the money to buy one up there.  So this past weekend, while in Palm Springs doing that  Last Minute Shopping for the girls school stuff, we stopped by David’s Bridal.  STOP RIGHT THERE… you ask, You didn’t take ALL 4 girls with you to look for a dress did you?  YES I DID!  I know call me CRAZY!
When I 1st walked in I asked the girl at the desk if they had any dresses with sleeves.  NOPE! All their dresses are spaghetti strap or strapless. BUT they do have jackets to match any dress for another $50.  Nice….. YA RIGHT!

So I was wanting a candy apple red dress…. I also found a navy blue dress but not sure if my marine wants me to match him in his BLUES. I LOVED both the dresses that I tried on (Although the size was WAY bigger than I wanted to be )  After putting the second dress on, I remembered.. I had the camera with me in the diaper bag.  So here is the 2nd dress I tried on.  
excuse the NO makeup and tan lines :)
 the sales girl was a little weird and wanted me to wear the wrap correctly... Off the shoulder
 I like (the price of) this one the best.  What do you all think?  HELP please…. It does have a wrap, but I think I will have a jacket made. OH! And let us not forget the alterations… another $65 on top of the jacket and dress price.  REALLY? The dress that I have worn to I think 3 balls now was a WHOPPING $29.99 at Ross!


  1. The red is really pretty! It would be easy to sew a jacket out of the wrap and that would solve the modesty problem. I think you should get it. Is there anyone in the ward who might be able to do the alterations for less?

  2. Thanks Nicole! Thanks for the advice. I dont know if anyone around her could alter for less.... Probably. I was gonna ask around and see.

  3. I love your page!! It's so cute!!!!

    Geez honestly tell me about dress shopping. Talk about a page in the behind. And you are so very brave for taking all your lil ones w/ you. My older ones aren't so bad, they actually enjoy it. But my terrible two monster, not so much!

    I've opted not to buy a dress this year and am going to try it fit into an old one that has never been worn to a ball. We are having ours a little early due to D-day so it won't be so fancy. But I'm still going to get dolled up and I wanna look good doing so too.

    As for your dress, I love it! Maybe you can find a brioche to pin the wrap together so you aren't holding it the whole night. Unless you can find someone in your ward who can sew. Good luck! And I can't wait to see what you come up w/!!

  4. Aw! Thanks for the compliments :) Glad you are following!

  5. The dress is beautiful! YMCA puts ona dress give away at the end of Oct. That's how I've gotten my dresses for free. I usually have to have them hemmed because I'm so short, but it's not typically too expensive. I usually go spaghetti straps. It's my one occassion where I feel ok about it. Kind of like swimming or being at soccer. You're more then welcome to come look at the ones I have and borrow one if you like. In fact, my red dress is just like the one you are wearing, just add spaghetti straps.

  6. I think the red color is a really beautiful color selection for the dress and I bet it would look great at the ball. The only think I am hesitant about is the wrap which I think you could either not wear or possibly turn it into a tie for your date. That way your actually giving him a small little gift and it doubles to match your dress. Just an idea though.