Monday, August 23, 2010

my baby's 1st haircut

So I figured since BIG sisters all got their haircut.... and we were there anyways.... why not get my babies 1st haircut.  She desperately needed it.  (you can only do so many ponytails :)

This is Delaney before her haircut
Isn't she cute?  She blew me a kiss when I took the picture

and this is my baby girl during
She has bangs now.  She grew up in 1 snip of the scissors :)
she was checking out the comb and the scissors
then she of course, had to check herself out in the mirror!
I was SHOCKED at how still she sat for it.  She was excited to be BIG like sisters.
The finished product... doesn't she look like an angel?

I also took video of her while getting her haircut... yes I know I am a crazy mommy!  Please excuse the background noise/ conversation... LOL

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