Thursday, August 26, 2010

I can't even go potty......

This is what happens when I TRY to have a moment of peace in the bathroom while Big sisters are at school.  It was a LITTLE too quiet for a LITTLE too long. (literally couldn’t have been longer than a minute and a half)  I called for the baby and she didn’t answer.  I walked out of my room and glanced down on the floor of Sydney’s room. This is what I found 

My Budding Artist!

Showing off her artwork. YUP! She got both legs and shoes.
 Oh the joys of MARKERS!  What in the world.  Those were NEW shoes.  Of course they are WHITE… well they WERE white!  I can’t EVER trust this little girl when it’s QUIET. Unless she is in her crib SLEEPING!  Thank goodness for soap and water.  
So after I clean her up as best as I can. I went to throw the wipes away and came around the corner of the kitchen and found this...
ya, I moved Delaney before I took a picture. She had found ANOTHER marker and was coloring the front entry!  Are you kidding? Seriously child ENOUGH.
But I will smile and enjoy it while it last because SOON she will be a pain in my side. Talking back and being a normal teenager.


  1. Haha nice! Don't you love it! My toddler has done that but he was so proud of his creation I couldn't help but smile. My kindergartener has also done it but to walls and furniture, despite the colorin books in front of her. Not so funny!

  2. I know I am definetly NOT alone in this. ALL my girls have done it at one time or another. But it drives me nuts! But I did have to stop being mad for a minute to take pictures :)