Friday, September 3, 2010

I just HAVEN'T been in the MOOD!

 have gotta say I have NOT been in the MOOD to do much of ANYTHING lately and I feel REALLY bad about it.  I have checked my Blog everyday hoping to have new followers… but NOTHING!  But then again there is NOTHING new to “follow”.  I mean for Heaven sakes I haven’t even finished my #3’s birthday blog stuff and it was a week ago L I am such a slacker. 
I haven’t been in the best of moods lately.  LOTS of stress and things bugging me.  I know I REALLY need to learn to let things go and just roll of my back. But I have NEVER been that type of person. (I only wish I was… life would be SO MUCH easier!)
I mean,  I have wanted to blog…. That hasn’t worked. I have wanted to clean my house. (yes it is to THAT point that it is driving me NUTS) I have wanted to catch up on all the shows I have DVR’d. but that hasn’t happened either.  So what HAS happened over the last week?  Well, I have worked out (20-30 minutes) every nite for over a week now.  I have chased down and picked up after my 22 month old. (yes, my BABY is 22 months old TODAY!) I have fed my girls, done laundry, did the school runs back and forth and gone to the commissary 1 time this week OH! And I also took my girls “down the hill” to Chuck E Cheese (I should get brownie points for that).  So although I get up at 6am every morning and don’t go to bed until WELL after 11pm I look around my house and I haven’t accomplished much.
I went to the dr. today to have my back checked out…. Funny thing is the dr never even looked at my back until just before she walked out.  She had already figured out the diagnosis (off of what I had told her and explained) Are you kidding me?  I could’ve just called you and you could’ve put in a consult to Physical therapy for me without me coming in.  She told me that the inactivity (because of my back pain) is probably the thing causing the weight gain.  Thing is I am NO dr. but the weight gain ISN’T helping my back pain AT ALL either! I have NEVER been this heavy…. Even being preggo with all 4 of my girls.  This is NOT what my body is used to.  I have tried REALLY hard to work out.  I am VERY limited in what I CAN do. 
But ENOUGH about my weight.

I got an email this morning from my Marine…. What a great way to get up in the morning J other than hearing his voice on the other end of the phone.  This was all of it….

I had a dream about you last night. We were looking at a house that was really rundown, but you came down the hall into whatever room I was in and you had a tattoo that went from your left shoulder across your back to your right hip. It was like one of those you would see in a tattoo magazine. Then I woke up, it was strange because I haven’t seen a tattoo magazine in a very long time. Oh well, it is what it is. just thought I would let you know that I was thinking about you. I will write more later. 143 Forever
(he will probably be REALLY ticked that I shared this! OH WELL He may NEVER know!)

 Come on, Really?  YUP! That’s all I got.  My Marine cracks me up. I mean I haven’t heard from him in almost a week and this is the email he sends to me.  OH! And wait… it was a REPLY to an email I sent to him of I LOVE YOU! MISS YOU! Blah Blah Blah!  Well at least he told me 143 (our code for I LOVE YOU!)
Sorry I am in a bad mood and maybe today ISN’T the best day to blog either…. I will GET OVER IT!  I always do.  But ya know some days are just MORE than you can handle. 

I am REALLY LOOKING forward to a LONG 3 day weekend with my girls


  1. Oh honey! I'm sorry you're feeling in a rut. But good for you for working out. Honestly! So your doc suggested PT that's good. If it hurts to work out just take it real light. Ask them what exercises you can do until your back feels better to really start doing it. In the meantime, maybe eat healthier if you're not already. Cuz sometimes that can really change things. I was eating like crap and still working out wondering nothing was happening. But you gotta remember those go hand in hand. And don't do it so drastic. Just find healthier alternatives to your meals. Cuz I guarantee if you try it too drastically it won't stick.

    To do lists are awesome. I forgot to add in my post to have those cuz it really makes you feel accomplished when you start crossing stuff out. Just do things little at a time, and next thing you know you will find you accomplished so much in the end!!

    Just keep hanging in there and doing what you're doing. And enjoy the long weekend with the girls. Maybe they'll wanna be sweethearts and help you out :)

  2. Awh! Thank you SO much for your sweet words. I really should've read your post 1st. Sometimes the feeling sorry for yourself stuff is easier to do. I know who I am! I just forget sometimes....Thank you for being a faithful follower :)