Sunday, September 19, 2010

just Blah!

This weekend has gone by too quickly that is FOR SURE!

Yesterday was FULL of cleaning house.  I have hit that wall of OK IT'S TIME TO GET IN GEAR AND CLEAN AND DO ALL THOSE THINGS I SHOULD'VE DONE ALL DEPLOYMENT LONG.....
I am SHOCKED that we have hit the last leg of this deployment.  I think that last is the hardest!

Anyways, I divided the chores between my girls... knowing full well that MY list of TO DO's was WAY longer than theirs (as it ALWAYS is!)  I have a REALLY bad habit of getting sidetracked.  I am CERTAIN I am the ONLY one who does, right? (it's ok to admit that you do it to.... come on, I REALLY don't want to be alone on this one)  I started in the kitchen, like normal... made my way to the livingroom to change a diaper, even BEFORE I was done with the kitchen.. oh! and since I was in the livingroom I might as well fold the load of laundry sitting there. So I did. Then Kelsee (#3) needed some HELP getting started in the playroom.  Well there goes another hour & a half!  Then it was time for another load of laundry, then lunch, then back to the grind of cleaning. Oh then a nap for the baby. Then another load of laundry. Then had to run to the commissary to get that 1 thing I needed to finish dinner. An hour and a half later home and making dinner, putting away all the groceries (because I can NEVER go for just that 1 thing I really needed) Then bath time for the girls, and time for me to stop and take a breath.  And oh ya... all of this with my Back KILLING ME! I hurt it (again) last weekend when I fell carrying a twinsize mattress out to my yard sale.  You guessed it... flat on my back on the hard driveway with the mattress landing on top of me.  I have never hurt so bad.  I just have to NOT think about it! I am a MOM and right now a SINGLE MOM at that.  I can't just lay on the couch (although I REALLY want to) so by the end of my day yesterday I was toast!  I sat on my Marines recliner and looked around my house.  Really?  What had been accomplished today? My girls were fed, bathed and Alive.  My house, yet again, will have to wait.
So that was yesterday.  Today has been one of those BLAH days.  Because I WAY OVERDID it yesterday, Church was out of the question for us today.  There was No way I was going to be able to sit for 3 hours, let alone deal with my baby crying because she doesn't like nursery. I needed to rest, to take a break, to recoop and HOPEFULLY feel better. We started off good. I slept in until about 8:45am. Then we all sat at the kitchen table and read our scriptures. (I figured since we missed church reading double would be a good idea) 
But as the day wore on that was not going to happen either.  I have just been BLAH all day.  I kinda feel like I have NO emotion in me.  If you are a military wife, you understand. There comes a point when you are just DONE.  I am there.  I need a BREAK.  Not that I don't love my girls, because I am crazy about them. I just need a little bit to rejuvenate myself.  I feel so worn down. What will it take to get the pep back in my step?  I will have to think of something.... because I certainly don't like feeling like this

I know I have blogged about this kind of stuff before, sorry for that. But This is the best sounding board I have right now.

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  1. I think you're trying to tackle too much. Why not do it room by room as a family? It might go by faster and save you more time cuz then you aren't spreading yourself thin doing your tasks and theirs?