Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our Day at the Beach

So I am a LITTLE slow at posting this one…. Labor Day weekend when we made the trek to Camp Pendleton to see friends.. we also went to the beach.  YES it was FREEZING and YES my girls STILL went in the water.. well they put their feet in.  My baby girl was a little unsure of the sand at first

But after watching big sisters play in it, she was ok and even started to throw it (oh the joys of sand in the hair... YUCK!)

Here are some fun pictures of my girls playing in the water, collecting shells, and TRYING to build a sandcastle.
I even got some pictures with my girls 1 on 1 (that hardly EVER happens.. I am always taking the pictures J
The water was FREEZING!
Delaney LOVED watching her sisters in the water.
(Kelsee didn't want to get her pants wet)

 Me the MEAN mommy didn’t let them stay to long. My baby girls lips were turning blue. It was VERY windy and It was only 64 degrees out and we STILL had to make the LONG trek back to the NASTY desert of 29 Palms. When we got back to 29 it was 106 degrees and my girls said. Hey mom can we just go back to Pendelton? I WISH!

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