Tuesday, September 14, 2010


So it is that time again.  I missed out last month on DOUBLE COUPON day because I was in Utah “playing” (ok so it was more like I COULDN’T come home because I had thrown my back out) WELL.. I sure made up for missing out last month yesterday!

I have gotten SO behind on cutting my coupons and sorting them.  I stayed up til just about 2am Monday morning cutting, sorting and organizing. Knowing full well that my alarm was going to go off at 6am to get my oldest up and off to Jr High and THAT would be the start of my day. No nap.. no rest for the weary shopper.  

Sydney (#2 Daughter) stayed home from school again yesterday.  She has been sick for a week now. I am KINDA glad she was home.  It was nice to have her help out with the baby so I could focus and get the shopping DONE!

So here are my totals:
1st trip $311.72 and I paid $53.92 – 17% of my total
2nd trip $326.11 and I paid $61.30 - 19% of my total
3rd trip $112.66 and I paid $26.73 – 23% of the total (but the cashier was Dumb and overcharged me by $11.74.  I TRIED to correct her mistake as she was checking me out but she got all huffy and told me she KNEW what she was doing! Are you kidding? I have been doing this for YEARS now. I could do her job for her and be done WAY quicker too. So after 3 trips back to the 7 day store, and waiting over and hour, The “remedy” they gave me was NOT a refund of my money but a GIFT CARD of $10.  The management (of who  was a Ssgt.) said they only came up with an $8 mistake, NOT the total that I had. I  mean come on I KNOW how much I pay for something... down to the PENNY! WHATEVER
Sorry- I will step down off my soapbox now.
4th trip (was actually my oldest daughters doing) $53.19 and she paid $1.19 - .02% of total
5th trip $159.02 and I paid $22.49 – 14% of my total
And 6th trip was $72.22 and my total was $3.64 - .05% of my total
$1034.92 and I paid $169.27 for a total of just 16% of my total.
And for that this is all the “STUFF” I got (It couldn't even ALL fit on my kitchen table!)

My girls were VERY excited about all the "treats" I got this time! (and my brother is gonna LOVE all the Dr. Pepper's I got for 0.39 each)

FREE Laundry detergent
FREE pens
FREE Razors
FREE Air Wick air freshners
FREE candy
FREE gum

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